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Phyllis Baldino

Phyllis Baldino (born 1956) is an American visual artist whose art engages in a conceptual practice that merges performance art, video art, sculpture, and installation in an exploration of human perception. Her single-channel videos are distributed by Electronic Arts Intermix in New York, NY. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Jenny Doan

Jenny Doan is a prominent quilter and the face of Missouri Star Quilt Company. She is a woman who turned her hobby into a multimillion-dollar business. Doan has been called “The most famous quilter in the world” due to her over 350 YouTube tutorials that have been viewed more than 110 million times. In 2015, two of her children and their partner Dave Mifsud who handled the business end of Missouri Star Quilt Co. received the National Small Business Persons of the Year award.

Finn Ross

Finn Ross (born 1982) is a Scottish video designer working internationally. He works primarily on stage productions in the London’s West End and on Broadway in the USA.  He has also worked extensively in opera throughout Europe and has collaborated with designers like Es Devlin and theatre companies like Complicite. Ross has won a Tony Award and two Olivier Awards.

Deanna Bowen

Concordia University’s Studio Arts Dept.

Nora Ligorano

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Stanya Kahn

Stanya Kahn (born 1968 in San Francisco, California) is an American video artist. “Using humor as a central device, Kahn combines storytelling with visceral performances, blurring the lines between the fictional and the real to show how language is forged out of trauma.” “Kahn’s characters are contemporary flaneurs, and each is steadfast on a physical or linguistic dérive that takes the viewer through narratives of mortality, trauma, family, and the ethics of civic and ecological responsibility.”

Skip Blumberg

Skip Blumberg (born October 10, 1947) is one of the original camcorder-for-broadcast TV producers, and among the first wave of video artists in the 1970s. His early work reflects the era’s emphasis on guerrilla tactics and medium-specific graphics, but his more recent work takes on more global issues. His work has screened widely on television and at museums. His video Pick Up Your Feet: The Double Dutch Show (1981) is considered a classic documentary video and was included in the Museum of Television and Radio’s exhibition TV Critics’ All-time Favorite Shows. His cultural documentaries and performance videos have been broadcast on PBS, National Geographic TV, Showtime, Bravo, Nickelodeon, among others.

Brenna George

Brenna George is a Canadian artist known for her painting and video art.

Janette Parris

Janette Parris (born 1962 in West Ham, East London) is an English contemporary artist who lives and works in London.

Christopher Mills

Christopher Mills is a Canadian director, editor, animator and cinematographer. He has directed music videos for bands such as Modest Mouse, Interpol, Broken Social Scene, Blue Rodeo, Metric, The Joy Formidable, Senses Fail and Breaking Benjamin. He has also worked on commercials, short films, documentaries, projections and art album covers. Mills’ style and work is “Renowned for his unique mix of live action, 2D and 3D filmmaking techniques” according to the writer Anne T. Donahue. “Mills has taken otherwise simple concepts and helped make them magical, transforming each video from a standard visual counterpart to an entirely different form of expression”.

Audri Phillips

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Barbara Steinman

Barbara Steinman (born February 3, 1950 in Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian artist known for her photographic works. Her work is included in the collections of the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and the National Gallery of Canada.

Will Gill

Christopher William “Will” Gill, BFA (born July 5, 1968) is a Canadian contemporary artist known for his wide-ranging works in sculpture, painting, photography and video. Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1991 from Mount Allison University, where he studied sculpture and printmaking. In 1997 he moved to St. John’s, Newfoundland. “Some of Gill’s notable works have drawn upon the Newfoundland landscape. In the 2009 performance Cape Spear, he tossed fibreglass-encased glow sticks off of the easternmost point of North America using a catapult.” “The 2009 installation Bareneed is a replica of a cast-iron bathtub that Gill saw on the bottom of the ocean floor while sea-kayaking near the titular coastal community (the artist himself has noted that the St. John’s setting has been key to his art production).” Gill was longlisted for the Sobey Art Award in 2004 and 2006. In March 2013, Gill was selected from a group of 31 artists to create an indoor public art installation in the lobby of a new office building in St. John’s, set to open in the spring of 2014 – the first private juried art commission in the province awarded to a local artist. From June to November 2013 he exhibited along with artist Peter Wilkins as part of an official Collateral Project at the 2013 Venice Biennale.

Karilynn Ming Ho

Karilynn Ming Ho is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist working with video art, performance, multi-media installation, theatre, sculpture and collage. Her work draws on existential themes as a means to examine formal and conceptual ideas around performativity as it relates to screen culture and the mediated body.

Portia Cobb

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Mickey McGowan

Mickey McGowan (* in Los Angeles, Kalifornien) ist ein US-amerikanischer Videokünstler.

Nicholas Jenkins

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Lorna Boschman

Lorna Boschman’s biography, age, height, fact, career, awards, net worth, salary, income, family tree, personal life and life story.

Jubal Brown

Jubal Brown (born c. 1974) is a video producer and multi-media artist based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He gained notoriety in 1996 when he deliberately vomited primary colours on paintings in the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Abbas Akhavan

Abbas Akhavan is a Toronto-based visual artist. His recent work consists of site-specific installations, sculpture, video, and performance, consistently in response to the environment in which the work is created. Akhavan was born in Tehran, Iran in 1977. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in 2004 and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia in 2006. Akhavan’s family immigrated to Canada during the Iran–Iraq War. His work has gained international acclaim, exhibiting in museums, galleries and biennales all over North America, Europe and the Middle East. He is the recipient of the Kunstpreis Berlin (2012), the Abraaj Group Art Prize (2014), and the Sobey Art Award (2015).

Kent Tate

Kent Tate is a Canadian artist and filmmaker living in British Columbia. Tate is known for his single-channel video installation works.

Kevin Yates

Kevin Yates (born in 1974) is a Canadian visual artist.